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The birth and appearance of “Journal of Medicine and Life” meets concerns related to medicine and life, without scientific or national borders, serves the concept of increasing the quality of life as a whole and represents a vivid and intense concern of “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest.

     We believe that modern medicine cannot be separated from life and this statement can be proved starting from the intention to capitalize both our experience and that of the entire European community in the interest of mutual knowledge, and the repositioning of the Romanian medical and scientific community in place that it earned by tradition, modernity and value. Providing pages with concern to this issue in the journal is certainly useful to those people who advocate for a better life.

     The Board of the journal is made up of important personalities who give a specific value to our publicist initiative.

     We want the journal to show and support the concern of Romanian medicine for the new concepts of the modern medicine.

     The journal contains themes of high interest in all the areas of the medical life and also opinions of the personalities from the social world and media, on the relationship between Life and Medicine.

     We strongly support fundamental research and hope that articles, which bring in the foreground and advertise the concerns of the groups from the fundamental medical research area, will appear in every issue of the journal.

     Biochemistry, Biophysics, Modern Anatomy, Molecular and Cellular Biology will always be allocated a generous space in our magazine, as a proof of the interest in fundamental medical research shown by the medical world today.

     We friendly open the pages of our journal to all our friends, to the universities of medicine, as we want everyone to know what the opinions of the Romanian researchers are, and to facilitate scientific dialogue with the entire world, for the good of those in suffering.


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